Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dark Summoner Events

Stamp Collection

Stamp collection is essentially a daily login bonus, generally with better rewards as more "stamps" are collected. So far, all stamp collections have had 10 stamps available but run a bit longer than 10 days, meaning you do not have to have 10 consecutive login days to achieve all stamps. Stamp bonuses have included gold, ally points, summons (including Dark Summons and special summons), elixirs, energy and battle point potions and unique monsters.
See: List of Stamp Collections

Social Media Bonus

There are several variations seen in Dark Summoner's Social Media Bonuses. Simply "connecting" Dark Summoner to Twitter, OpenFeint and Facebook give additional daily bonus summons. Also, Twittering a message to view the game's trailer sometimes gives daily bonuses outside the login bonus, and has included Soul Point and Ally Point bonuses.

Collection Missions

Dark Summoner has previously had collection missions which were comprised of collecting Orbs, which were randomly awarded for doing regular missions (only uncompleted missions, to keep high-level players from farming 1-energy missions hundreds of times in a row). There were several tiers of award for this, including unique summons, ally point and gold bonuses, and various potions.

Special Missions

Dark Summoner continually hosts special missions. These missions can be very straightforward (Tower style events), where the point is to complete as many floors as possible, or a more interesting event such as a battle tournament with special rules. These events are separated by a gap of 1 day, and last between 1 to 2 weeks.

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